Why Is Taskaty Different From Any Other Project Management Tool?

If you are still wrapped up in updating spreadsheets in Excel and jotting down deliverables and follow-up details on post-it notes, then let us introduce you to project management software. Whether you own a small start-up business or a large enterprise, project management software can offer you complete visibility across your business tasks and help you stay atop all the things that still require your attention and action.

What Is Project Management Software?

Usually used for planning projects, resource and task allocation, and effective scheduling in multiple organizations, the project management software brings a lot of convenience to the project. The software allows managers and their team control over quality management, project-related documentation, and project budget. It also acts as a great collaboration platform for all the stakeholders.

Some Key Attributes Of A Remarkable Project Management Software

There is much to consider while operating and managing projects, from resource management to deliverables tracking team cooperation and budget management. A lot relies on good project management software. So, make sure the following characteristics are in your project management software.


Many programs include calendars or milestone tools to assist you in recognizing where work fits into the overall project and how much time you have to finish it.

Task Lists

This feature enables assignment and modification of task status to ensure that the whole team stays on the same page, which is crucial for businesses to operate smoothly.

File Sharing

The ability to categorize and share critical project papers helps save time that would have been used to searching for files manually.


Communication is a critical aspect of any business, and project management requires good communication to tackle problems and find solutions quickly.


Every employee on the team must be on the same page and up to date on the project’s development status. This ensures that the project flows smoothly and everything goes according to schedule. Reporting helps determine these factors.

Introducing Taskaty, A Tool For Simplified Task Management

Built on the capabilities mentioned above and so much more, Taskaty helps project managers save time, allowing them to do more stuff in less time. This feature-rich project management tool includes multiple features such as task board, kanban boards, dashboard reporting, Gantt charts, timesheets, multi-users, client access, PayPal & stripe integration, and invoicing.

What Can Taskaty Help You Achieve?

This software is built by keeping the needs and responsibilities of project managers, and it can help them achieve the following:

Reach Your Objectives

Set milestones and priorities tasks to guarantee you complete focus and boost your performance.

Maintain Control

Keep track of your project’s progress with timesheets and Gantt charts. Get better control over your finances and time.

Easy Collaboration

You can invite your whole staff and clientele to Taskaty and easily coordinate with your team members regarding tasks and consolidate feedback. Working together on one platform can help you solve even the most complex problems.

Say Goodbye To Missing Deadlines

Schedule your work, set reminders, and always deliver on time to please your clients and stakeholders.

Easy Collection Of Work-Related Payments

Using the built-in and integrated Stripe and PayPal invoice features, you can get paid without leaving the Taskaty platform.

Remarkable Features Of Taskaty

Taskaty is intended to make project management easier. It has all the essential features you need to concentrate on what matters most; getting work done seamlessly and within the given timeframe. Some promising features of Taskaty include:

A Simple Dashboard

Taskaty’s simple dashboard provides a complete overview of all the projects, tasks, and team members allocated for the task. In case of any change or adjustment to a task, you can look at activity patterns to better understand how your productivity and workload are changing. You can also break down your tasks according to the status and quickly estimate the progress of your projects.

Workspaces For Projects

For easy management, you can have workspace projects where you can see all the team members assigned to that particular team. This workspace also makes it easy to control and change deadlines and budgets. You can also incentivize your team members and motivate them to work by setting milestones to propel the project forward.

A User-Friendly Task Board

With a few clicks, you can add new tasks or manage current ones across many projects. Moreover, you can also prioritize your tasks to guarantee that you are constantly working on the most critical things. To help out your colleagues, you can add comments to the files and assign tasks to your team members. Its intuitive task board also makes it easy for you to stay ahead of deadlines.

Invoices And Timesheets

Have a clear idea regarding how much time it takes for task completion. You can also create multiple items for business services and products. This software also allows you to alter the cost of the task depending on timesheets and problems. Invoicing can be cleared with built-in PayPal and Stripe.

Client And User Management

Feel free to add team members and assign them projects you deem fit. With a couple of clicks, you can also add or remove the clients from the platform. Dedicate a workplace just for you.


You can easily make notes just for yourself or for your whole team. From comments with feedback or innovative ideas, you can make a note of anything. You can also manage your tasks from the calendar.

Personal Workplace Settings

Depending on your work and management style, you can change the tasks. You do not have to worry about tax rates every time you send an invoice. As per your company template, the invoices can be customized as well.

Chat For Company-Wide Collaboration

With this, collaboration with team members and clients is simple through group and private messages. You can also send files and documents to team members through this chat.

Along with these capabilities, Taskaty is a feature-rich project management software that takes easy project management to the next level.

Simplify Project Management Now With Taskaty

With its vast range of interactive and collaborative features, this tool offers users a user-friendly interface and effective project management. You are just a couple of steps away from unlocking seamless task management. To see how perfectly it will satisfy your needs, get started on this application for free. With its time-saving and efficient capabilities, we are certain you will benefit greatly from this. Depending on your business requirements, you can also get a customized plan. Start your free trial right away.

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